Lady Ethereal
Reflective Surfaces Category - 3rd Place
World of WearableArt, Wellington, New Zealand

19th century couture merges with cyberpunk to create a dream envisioned for other worlds.

Technology advances, propelling humans beyond Earth and toward the stars. Lady Ethereal is a noblewoman in a world where the Victorian silhouette has been re-imagined in space age style. By using natural and synthetic materials, cutting edge technology, and literary inspiration from the cyberpunk genre, Lady Ethereal is a celebration of the feminine form and celestial possibilities.

We looked to Victorian fashion silhouettes to achieve a curvaceous, flowing, and powerful form in galaxy patterned latex, integrating sculptural elements. We explored transforming acrylic into a material that pushed past its rigid nature, creating a shape that echoed the gown’s voluptuous silhouette.