Frequently Asked Questions

The Iris Idea goals:

Create 102 larger than life irises and debut all of them in the spring of 2025.

Create a network of caretakers that will foster an iris during the creation phase.

Bring all caretakers and their irises together for their debut and to celebrate the Joy we have all achieved.

I suggest that each caretaker choose no more than three irises. A Caretaker Form will need to be filled out for each iris. My goal is to share this work with many others.

Yes, you can! Fill out the Caretaker Form and indicate the iris number that you want to reserve.

If you are in the Northwest Arkansas area, I will deliver an iris; if you are outside of NWA in the U.S., then an iris can be mailed. I just ask that you cover shipping ($50 USD for delivery to you, to the debut, and then back to you). For caretakers outside the U.S., let’s talk.

I’ll fix it before the exhibit; just document with photos and some text about the damage so I know what will be required before the debut. Email me the info and I'll coordinate the repair plan. There's no need to share how it got damaged unless it’s a great story that you want to share!

I don’t have a specific place yet, so if you have a venue that would like to participate, please email me. I am open to various venues, but I need a place that 102 irises can be displayed and caretakers can celebrate. I will notify all caretakers by the end of 2024 of the details of the spring 2025 debut.

My goal will be to exhibit spring 2025. I will notify all caretakers by the end of 2024 of the details of the spring 2025 debut.

You can; art is my livelihood, so I do need to make some bank. They are $100 USD each, and that includes shipping in the U.S. (for orders outside the U.S., I will estimate a shipping cost). Fill out the Caretaker Form, and an invoice will be emailed to you.

I am using number 1 and 2 plastic water jugs and will post on and Facebook @SnowWintersDesigns when I need some and what shape I need. I currently have a steady supply.

Tag or invite as a collaborator The Iris Idea on Instagram @TheIrisIdea #TheIrisIdea #TheIrisIdea2025 #TheArtOfJoy #IrisJoy

Yes, an iris can be named in their honor. In the Caretaker Form, specify who will be the caretaker and who will be honored.

Yes, The Iris Idea is currently self-funded, and donations would be greatly appreciated to help complete this community art project. Donations can be made securely through PayPal, regardless of whether you have a PayPal account or not.